Winner List of Indie Game Award 2023

Winners of Indie Game Award 2023

Winner List

Award Category Country Area Game Title Developer/Team
Best Narrative Denmark Gerda: A Flame in Winter PortaPlay
Best Audio Taiwan Asterigos: Curse of the Stars Acme Gamestudio
Best Visual Art Sweden Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist Flamebait Games
Best Design Taiwan Alina of the Arena PINIX
Best Innovation South Korea RP7 Turtle Cream
Best Mobile Game Poland Railbound Afterburn
Best VR Game Poland Interkosmos 2000 Ovid Works S.A.
Grand Prix Italy Martha is Dead LKA
Best Narrative
Game Title: Gerda: A Flame in Winter
Developer/Team: PortaPlay (Denmark)
Game Intro:
Walk the path of Gerda as her quiet life is turned upside down during the World War 2 occupation of her small Danish village. Choose where to go, how to act, and who to trust in this intimate narrative RPG-lite experience inspired by real life events. How far would you go to protect your loved ones?
Best Audio
Game Title: Asterigos: Curse of the Stars
Developer/Team: Acme Gamestudio (Taiwan)
Game Intro:
Discover the long-forgotten secrets and hidden paths in this high fantasy world, featuring exhilarating battle encounters, interconnected maps full of places to explore, and an immersive story where every choice matters. Play as Hilda – a brave young warrior from the Northwind Legion who embarks on a journey to the cursed city in order to save her lost father.
Best Visual Art
Game Title: Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist
Developer/Team: Flamebait Games (Sweden)
Game Intro:
In this struggling artist adventure you draw and sell art to cheeky critics in order to reclaim your lost art career. Explore the endearing town of Phénix, unlocking new studios and tools along the way.
Best Design
Game Title: Alina of the Arena
Developer/Team: PINIX (Taiwan)
Game Intro:
“Alina of the Arena” is a roguelike deckbuilding tactics game that combines elements from “Slay the Spire” and “Into the Breach”. Play as a gladiator that must fight for a bloodthirsty crowd to survive. With roguelike deckbuilding and hex-based tactics, players are no longer bound by simple attack and defense.
Best Innovation
Game Title: RP7
Developer/Team: Turtle Cream (South Korea)
Game Intro:
RP7 is a slot managing dungeon crawler. Roll seven random encounter slots to create your character's journey. Roll and re-roll each step of your journey as you plan ahead. With one simple mechanic, you'll experience infinite RPG gameplay!
Best Mobile Game
Game Title: Railbound
Developer/Team: Afterburn (Poland)
Game Intro:
Railbound is a comfy, track-bending puzzle game about a pair of dogs on a train journey around the world. Connect and sever railways across different landscapes, and help everyone reach their homes. Solve over 150 clever puzzles ranging from gentle slopes to twisted passageways.
Best VR Game
Game Title: Interkosmos 2000
Developer/Team: Ovid Works S.A. (Poland)
Game Intro:
Go to space. Save the Future. Try not to Die. Welcome (back) to the world of Interkosmos for an even wilder, weirder and more wondrous adventure. Experience the intense exhilaration of spaceflight. Explore the awe-inspiring interiors of a realistic space capsule. Master the crucial systems that will keep you in orbit (and breathing).
Grand Prix
Game Title: Martha is Dead
Developer/Team: LKA (Italy)
Game Intro:
Martha Is Dead is a dark first-person psychological thriller, set in 1944 Italy, that blurs the lines between reality, superstition and the tragedy of war. As conflict intensifies between German and Allied forces, the desecrated body of a woman is found drowned… Martha!

Winner of Best in Metaverse Concept

Winner List

Award Category Country Area Project Title Developer/Team
Best in Metaverse Concept Taiwan Arcade Meta Rocket Co.
Best in Metaverse Concept
Game Title: Arcade
Developer/Team: Meta Rocket Co.
Game Intro:
Arcade is a metaverse where users can build their personal spaces that connect web3 players to their favorite brands and play fun games with their community. Arcade also provides imaginative storyline and fun gameplay for users to chat, interact, play and make new friends.


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